Unlocking Multilingual Event Engagement: Silent Seminars and Interprefy in Perfect Harmony

WOE 12:00 - 12:30

Keynote 2

Discover the seamless integration of Silent Seminars' cutting-edge wireless headset technology with professional AI interpretation services from Interprefy.

Our international experts challenge the Festivak keynote participant to think about why and how using headsets at festivals and events. Endless possibilities (and fun😊) guaranteed!

How do headsets in combination with live translation score at international events and festivals when it comes to (what keeps us all awake at night): data collection and analysis, inclusion, environment, and cost?  

Our expert speakers will share real-life case studies and success stories, moderated by Evelien Aernaudts, Business Development Manager ABBIT Meeting Innovators (ABBIT, European AV & production house and Silent Seminars' headsets partner).

The team: