Lamberink Verhuur Reuzenraden

Lamberink Verhuur Reuzenraden

Spin to the Rhythm of Spectacle!

Step into a world where height, innovation, and breathtaking views converge! Lamberink Events proudly presents its majestic Ferris wheels, the ultimate addition to any event, festival, or promotional campaign.

Our Ferris wheels soar an impressive 33 meters above the audience and are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies. What's more, they are TÜV SÜD certified, ensuring not just awe-inspiring views but also the highest standards of safety.

Dreaming of an event that reaches the clouds? A Lamberink Ferris wheel leaves an indelible mark. It doesn't just serve as an iconic centerpiece; it also elevates your event's promotion to unprecedented heights.

Whether you need the wheel for a day or an entire week, we handle everything! From transportation to setup, from operation to teardown, we ensure that you can focus entirely on your guests and the event.

And that's not all! Want to add a unique twist to your Ferris wheel? We offer countless customization options to tailor the look to your vision.

Dare to dream, dare to spin. With Lamberink Events, you'll reach new heights!