Aucxis RFID Solutions

Aucxis RFID Solutions

Aucxis RFID Solutions enables quicker, more accurate and more efficient processes. Save time and money with automatic identification and tracking of your assets by means of RFID.

By implementing RFID technology, we aim for an accurate asset and stock management, an optimal logistic flow and streamlined production process, guaranteed security and quality. By eliminating manual operations and human errors, we achieve increased productivity, cost savings, peace of mind among employees and satisfied customers.

Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) and rental materials are constantly going in and out of inventory. Managing these assets is quite a challenge. Sometimes they are not returned or incomplete. They can end up in the wrong location, be moved or stolen and never be found again. The loss of these valuable assets, which must be continuously replaced, costs a lot of money for pooling and rental companies.

The registrations and counting within this process, which are often still manual, are time-consuming and error-prone. In some cases, data is kept only on paper, making the info not accessible to other departments.

By automating your pooling and rental process by means of RFID technology, you get an insight into the whereabouts of your assets