Measure. Control. Improve.

Calculus creates unique cloud solutions and communication hardware. Specialized in the digitization of powered and unpowered assets, site management and utility management. Together with a sustainable group of partners we supply end-to-end solutions for industrial companies, smart cities, utility providers, rental companies and A-events across the world.

To measure is to know, and almost all modern devices are equipped with sensors that constantly measure all kinds of inputs and outputs. There is a wealth of value in these data, you just have to activate them.

Data analysis optimizes the business process, which leads to efficiency gains and an ecological use of energy sources. Of course the result of this sum is also financially very interesting . However, the processing of this data requires a lot of time and technical knowledge. Enter Calculus!

Give your company the opportunity to surf the innovative wave of the Internet of Things. Discover the latest possibilities in terms of asset performance management, track and trace, site management, performance monitoring and predictive maintenance. Calculus combines, integrates and optimises them. Always well-considered and where possible with the technology you already have in-house.

All tailored to your company.

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