Visit Connect for exhibitors

The below information gives you an insight into Visit Connect and commonly asked questions. If you have any more, please don't hesitate to contact us on:

What is included in Visit Connect?
Visit Connect consists of 3 components:

  • A scan app for scanning the visitor’s badges. This app is downloadable in App Store and Play Store.
  • Bar code scanners for scanning visitor’s badges. You can order these via the facility manual.
  • Access to a webportal. If you use barcode scanners to collect leads, you have access to your lead’s data via the portal. If you use scan apps, then you only have to use the webportal to change the configuration, e.g. to add targets, set up custom questions etc. For more info, watch the Youtube video

Where can I log in to Visit Connect?
The URL is Note that you can only log in here once you have created an account using the activation URL included in your order confirmation mail. 

What can you do with Visit Connect?
Pre Event

  • Set targets for what makes a good event for you
  • Pre-define questions, specific to your business

During Event

  • Collect leads
  • Record each leads unique answers
  • Add notes, images and voice memos to every lead
  • Monitor your performance
  • Add or edit questions as you go

Post Event

  • Download leads to excel
  • Follow up on leads
  • Make notes and change the status of any lead
  • Check your targets and prove ROI

Set any questions you want
You are not restricted to question types that you ask exhibitors - that's the beauty of Visit Connect.

You can ask single or multiple choice questions or free text answers if you require specific notes on a lead.

Also, don't just ask the same old "do you want a brochure" or "hot / medium / cold lead" type questions. Think more specifically about your products. If, for example, you're a shoe manufacturer, why not ask specific questions on your products such as: sizes, colours, types.

The possibilities are endless - it's what you make of them.

What sort of questions should i ask?
Here are a few suggestions of popular questions used by exhibitors:

Please assign a follow-up action (answers might include: send a brochure, send an email, set up a meeting, none of the above or other)

  • What is your buying cycle?
  • What is your preferred method of contact?
  • When are you looking to place an order?
  • What is your purchasing authority?
  • Who is your current supplier for [XXX]?
  • Are you looking for a particular type of product?
  • What products are you interested in?
  • What is your total budget?
  • Are there any colleagues we should also contact?
  • What quantity of [XXX] product are you looking to order?

Highly recommended questions to include at the end – for your staff to fill in separately at the end:

  • Is this lead hot/warm/cold?

NB. We recommend a maximum of 5 questions in total, in order to maximise the number of leads you can gather.

What devices does the app work on?
The Visit Connect app currently works on Apple iPhone / iPads (iOS 6.0+). Android (2.3+) mobile phones, with a suitable camera, are also supported. Android tablets are supported from v3.12.

Do I need to worry about connectivity?
With the app, all the information you scan, is stored on the phone until you have a connection available, which will sync with your online Visit Connect portal. So you can access this data post event whenever you want and you don’t need to worry about connectivity at the event. Please note, you must have the app switched on when you are online again, for the data to sync to your online portal.

How can my staff use the scan app?
The app license is sold per device. If you have more staff members and devices on your stand, you need to have a license for every device. A license is not transferable to another device. Once you have created your account, you need to create accounts for each person that will be using the Scan App and assign them one of your purchased Scan App licences. The purchased Scan App licences are available in the web portal.

How many Visit Connect users can I create?
Once you receive your invitation mail and have created your own account, you can create as many additional users as you want. Note that users can only scan Leads using the Scan App if you have purchased a licence and assigned it to them. However, even without a licence they can still log in to the web portal and monitor the lead collection progress. 

Does the app work if there is no internet connection?
You can collect leads even if there is no internet connection. The front name, first letter of the sur name and country of the visitor are still available. The badge number of the lead is stored and once an internet connection is available that is used to retrieve the information.

What happens if I receive a call whilst using the app on my phone or if my battery dies?
Any leads you have scanned are stored safely. As soon as your mobile is recharged you can continue.

Is it possible to add scanned leads to the contacts on my mobile phone?
Yes. In the Lead's contact record simply tap Add to Contacts. The Event name is stored in the contact record to make searching afterwards easier.

Can I download my data after the event?
You can download a data file (.xls) from the web portal,, at any time whilst you have a licence with Visit Connect. 

If you use the Scan App you can also export data from every device. You can fill in an e-mail address to where a link to the excel document will be send to. Please note: this is only available for devices with 1. internet connection and 2. An activated license for the event.

When will you send me my data?
We won't!

With a Visit Connect account you have instant access to your Leads yourself. Log in to the web portal,, and under Browse Leads you can choose to export your Leads to an Excel file.

Leads collected via the Scan App appear under Browse Leads as soon as there is an internet connection available. Leads collected using the Barcode Scanners appear here once the scanner is handed back in at the end of the Event and the data is downloaded.

Can I delete leads?
It is currently not possible to delete leads. You can set their stage to 'inactive' in the web portal, however.