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Standnr: 199 Hoofdactiviteit: Cashless Payment & Access Control
With a strong background in the event and festival industry, Payfield creates on-site payment solutions and focuses on helping event organizers reduce queues, increase F&B revenues, and ultimately achieve greater customer satisfaction.
As an event organizer, you know perfectly well that the success of your event – whether it’s a festival, concert or sports event – depends on satisfied visitors. One of the key elements to a great event experience for visitors is quick and efficient access to food and beverage, without having to queue for frustratingly long periods.

Payfield can provide easy access by offering transparent, efficient and fraud-proof cashless payment solutions. Our solutions:
>    do not require extra personnel
>    make use of secure wireless banking
>    are centrally real-time monitored

>    can easily be installed at any location.
Payfield’s payment solution is based on the patented token system of Dutchband BV. Dutchband BV has developed the unique product of customized tokens that are attached in strips and delivered on rolls (making them easy to handle).

Our products have proven themselves in a wide range of scenarios, from regular venues to remote open air locations. Whatever the event you are organizing, our mobile payment and cash handling solutions will definitely help make it a great experience.

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